5 surefire ways to set the mood

No need to be green with envy, get the mood right with these tried and true tips!

1. Build it, and they will cum. Messy rooms are a libido killer. Create an inviting space. Make your bed, clear the clutter, and make sure you dust!

2. Follow your nose. Scents are sensual. Light a candle, use a wax melt, or light some incense. A little Jasmine, Sandalwood or Vanilla will add to a full on sensory experience.

3. Tease, tease, tease! Send some flirty texts, a sexy selfie, tell them exactly what you’d like to do with them! In detail. Or ask them what they want. They will be bursting with desire by the time you see them.

4.Try some well known aphrodisiacs with dinner. Artichokes, oysters, and spicy chili peppers are just a few of the foods known to bring on sexual desire.

5. Cue the music! This one should be tailored to you and your lover’s particular taste. Think ahead and make a playlist that lasts all night long.