Although not an official Hallmark holiday, Steak and BJ Day is worth putting into your calendar on March 14th because it’s a day where a little goes a long way when it comes to making your man happy.

Its counterpart, Valentine’s Day on February 14th, has become a commercially driven holiday of conformity, with an abundance of shame towards all non-participants. Chocolate hearts and mushy cards are the prescribed substance to appease your lover — with bleak hopes of getting some action in exchange for the effort.

On the contrary, couples who celebrate Steak and BJ Day identify more as progressive, evolved, even liberated. They’re different. They have communication skills, actually enjoy spending time together and indulge in physical pleasure.

Perhaps these women have figured out how simple it is to please their men. Basically, all you have to do is to offer them their two favorite treats on the same day. But, if you take it to the next level, and blow their minds too, then you can collect for the rest of the year. The power of the pussy reigns above all else. That’s what makes this special day even more important than Valentine Day.

10 Ways to Blow his Mind without Blowing the Budget


1. Acknowledge the holiday

Create a sexy calendar entry, “Steak & BJ Day”, and invite him. He’ll be super impressed that you want to remember his special day.

2. Build up the anticipation

Start sending him weekly sexy teasers, reminding him that you are looking forward to celebrating his day.

3. Engage him in the planning

With a seductive voice, ask him about his favorite cut of steak. And then make sure he sees it on the grocery list.

4. Prepare a few sexy surprises

Find some sensation play items from around the house — like a couple of satin scarves for hand-cuffs and blind folds, a silicone spatula for spanking, even a basting brush for tickling. You get the idea.

5. Create an erotic story or fantasy

Think up your hottest threesome story that you will whisper into his ear on his special day.


6. Set the mood to stimulate the senses

Hopefully you have arranged to be alone with your man for your date night shenanigans. Dim the lights, set out some candles, get the sexy spa music going in the background, and put on your sexiest lingerie… or nothing at all.

7. Tie him to the kitchen chair

Strip him down to his boxer shorts and secure his arms to a chair using your satin scarves. Make sure he understands ‘no touching allowed’. Let him watch you in the kitchen preparing his favorite meal. Make each move seductive, slow and deliberate.

8. Feed him, piece by piece

Now it’s time for the blindfold. With hands still tied, cover his eyes to heighten his sense of smell and taste. Tease him while you feed him piece by piece… slowly. Titillate by sitting on his lap and inserting a finger or a nipple into his mouth in between bites.

9. Build up the memory so he can recall it later

Throughout the evening, remind him about how much he is loving each moment. Build up the memories as you whisper your erotic story into his ear and get him even more aroused.

10. Time for the BJ

He’s primed and ready to go. Have your way with him. Whether you keep him tied up or blindfolded, he’s  begging for his BJ. You know what he likes… now show him something different. Go for it!

Steak & BJ Day is simple – no cards, no flowers, no special night on the town. Just a steak and a blow job. Or you can make it as hot and steamy as you want and blow his mind too!

Of course, if red meat and blow jobs aren’t really your thing, don’t forget it’s also Pi Day.