Naked Fun Starts Here
On July 14th, National Nude Day, everyone around the globe will be celebrating the joys of baring it all. But here at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica, we’re not just stripping down for one day. Our daring and unclad philosophy means every day is National Nude Day. Ready to join the bare party? We’ve got some risqué ideas for you.

Sun, Sand, Skin
Why not start with the most apparent? Our miles of private, pristine beaches are perfect for skinny dipping. Let the warm Caribbean sea caress your skin as you celebrate in our own hedonistic style. Feel the sand between your toes, and, well, everywhere else!

Bare Necessity
We’re all about freedom and fun, but a sunburn in those special areas? That’s not part of our plan. We’ve got you covered, or in this case, not covered, with sunscreen available in our gift shop. Keep your skin safe while you’re frolicking under the tropical sun. Embrace your nudity without the “ouch!” and remember the motto: “Be bare, but beware!”

Unadorned Yoga
Stretch, bend, and strike a pose during our au naturel yoga sessions. Trust us, it’s the most liberating way to find your inner zen. After all, what’s more connecting than feeling the breeze on your bare skin as you breathe in the fresh, salty air?

A Nude Art-venture
Let your body be the canvas in our body painting sessions. It’s like wearing clothes, but way more fun! Not only is this a great way to express yourself, but it also makes for some pretty cool photos too.

Bare Beach Volleyball
Get competitive with a game of bare beach volleyball. It’s all the fun of regular volleyball, but with an extra dose of excitement. We promise the laughs and camaraderie will make this a game you won’t soon forget.

A Naked Night to Remember
Dress code? Birthday suits only. Dance the night away and celebrate your freedom in the purest way possible.

At Hedonism II, we live life on the wild side and embrace every opportunity to celebrate our bodies. With our uninhibited spirit, National Nude Day is just another fun-filled day in our tropical paradise. Don’t just strip down for one day, make it a lifestyle. After all, why dress up when you can dress down?