Looking for sexy-fun ways to stay in shape while at the sexiest resort on the planet? Check out some of Marsha’s daily fitness classes. From morning sexycise, to afternoon twerking classes, and everything else in between, Marsha knows how to make it fun while you burn off some of those extra dirty bananas you consumed at the nude pool last night.

Marsha joined the entertainment crew (EC) at Hedonism in 2015 as a host and exotic dancer and performed nightly with the award winning Hedonism II Dance Troupe. She soon discovered she had an eye for choreography and was tasked to create some new dance routines which helped her to grow as an artist under the guidance of Entertainment Manager, Winston Bartley.

As with all the Hedo performers, fitness training was an important part of being an outstanding dancer. Working hard in the gym with her other team mates, Marsha was inspired to become a personal trainer. Hedonism II sponsored her to continue her education in the field of physical fitness, and she became a certified Group Fitness Instructor and a Personal Trainer and started working full time at the Hedonism II Fitness Center.

Marsha’s enthusiasm for fitness continued to expand, and in 2019 she challenged herself to compete in a local body-building competition, representing Hedonism II Resort. After months of intense training and strict dieting, she proudly placed 3rd in two different categories.

You’ll find Marsha in the gym working with the die-hard guests who come prepared to continue with their fitness program while on vacation. But for those less serious fitness enthusiasts, who perhaps didn’t even bring their running shoes with them, she conducts a variety of classes that can be as mild or as wild as you like: stretching, spinning, dancing, twerking, aqua-aerobics and others.

Marsha’s smile and charisma are contagious. She knows how to motivate and encourage without pushing too hard. “I love working at Hedo because the guests are so much fun”, says Marsha. “Just hearing them say that they love my classes is amazing.” As with most communities, the Hedo II Fitness Center is where people connect and socialize and Marsha appreciates sharing her knowledge every day. “This is my special place where I can dance, sweat and lift weights together with the guests,” says Marsha, “and I feel like I’m really helping. At the same time, I get to improve my own mental and physical health.” 

Hedo’s all-inclusive rates include unlimited access to its fully equipped fitness center and its 4 freshly resurfaced tennis courts. Let’s not forget to shout-out to Garfield, Certified Tennis Pro, who is available 6 days a week to help tweak up your tennis game. 

So go ahead and indulge in those extra dirty bananas or ice cold Red Stripes. And try out all the delicious food that Chef Michael prepares daily. Marsha and Garfield are there to help you burn off all those extra calories… so you can do it all over again.

And remember, even a little exercise goes a long way for better sex!