Windrof Wilson aka “Naughty” is a member of the waitstaff here at Hedonism II.

He has been working with the resort for almost 40 years, as he started with as a housekeeper in 1984.

Since then he has moved to the sanitation department, and is now in a role where he is far more interactive with the guests of the resort, as a waiter, which he loves.

As previously mentioned, Naughty’s favourite thing about the resort are the guests. He enjoys when guests who return over the years, greet and treat him like family because of the great level of service he has provided them.

Born and raised in Green Island, Jamaica, Naughty chose to begin his professional life at the resort because of the unique experience it provides, and once he got in, he’s never left.

When he’s not working, Naughty likes to cook and visit the beach. He one day hopes to open his own restaurant and give his patrons the same level of service he provides our guests here at the resort.

Say hello to Naughty next time you see him at the resort!