We proudly introduce Seniour Hinds whom we highlight as one of our most outstanding team members from the Sanitation department. Seniour joined the Company in early 2021 and from the get-go he has been performing at a standard that exceeds the Company’s expectations. Seniour is the epitome of a true team player; it is very evident that he enjoys his job based on his statement “I am not working; I am having fun with something that I enjoy doing”. He has a warm, and welcoming personality which has endeared him to his teammates.

Seniour has expressed his love for the Food and Beverage Division of which Sanitation is a part. As a result, he wants to chart a career path to becoming a chef. We are proud of him and are facilitating his development.

Seniour is one of our great customer service ambassadors who is always willing to go the extra mile for his department, for the Company, and for his own self-fulfillment