Reshak is one of our most outstanding team members on our Entertainment team. Optimistic, persistent, character driven, creative and passionate are few words to describe her. She has a passion for Theatre Arts, dancing, and cosmetology. Her dreams are to open a dance studio for the less fortunate dancers and a Cosmetology salon and if it’s God will also an event decor company.

She has devoted Four (4) years working as an Entertainment Coordinator at our company Hedonism II Resort, performing duties on and off the clock some of which include, Event decor, Costumes, daytime game host, dancing in the nightly shows and a night show hostess. Reshak is excited about the opportunities that she has been exposed to since her employment with the company. She was one of the extraordinary players during the 2022 Valentine’s Day celebration. She is zealous about her job and learning of new choreography for events. Recently, she was nominated for Face of the House for the first half of the year 2022. Reshak has been a role model for her department ensuring everything goes well on a regular basis.

With such a remarkable performance, the Management team of Hedo II is gratified in highlighting one of our Entertainment STARS, Reshak Bernard!