Nardia’s journey with Hedonism II began in 2015, two years and eight months after the adults only resort sold out to its new owner, Harry Lange. She started out as a Pastry Cook in the Pastry Shop of the Food and Beverage department. A few years later she transitioned into the Accounting department and functioned as the Maintenance Storekeeper. Through hard work, dedication and inspiration, Nardia was recently promoted to the position of Main Storekeeper, a position which involves the storing, managing, and monitoring of the hotel’s inventory of goods and supplies.

Over the years Nardia has grown personally and professionally, facing, and overcoming challenges and impediments which have contributed significantly to her growth. She is the epitome of a true team player; she is always willing to go the extra mile and is a constant source of motivation for her fellow team members.

Nardia is grateful for the successes achieved on her journey thus far. She credits Harry Lange, Owner and Chairman of Hedonism II, Shirley VanHorne, former Pastry Chef, former Executive Chef, Anthony Miller and Michael Barnett, current Executive Chef who have contributed, inspired, and supported her along her path of growth and development. She is truly appreciative of the assistance they provided in helping her to gain a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. For her, the sky is the limit and so she sees herself in a more senior role years to come.

Nardia’s tenure at Hedo II has so far been enlightening and rewarding!!