Garfield Gordon, the resident Tennis Pro at Hedonism II, is not just a tennis instructor; he’s a testament to the power of dedication, passion, and genuine care for his craft and the people he serves. With a career spanning nearly two decades at the resort, Garfield has become a beloved figure known for his commitment to excellent service.

Garfield’s journey as the resident Tennis Pro at Hedonism II started in 2004, and from day one, he fell in love with his role and the resort. Over the years, he has cultivated a deep connection with the place and its guests, making him an integral part of the Hedonism II experience.

What sets him apart and has propelled him to his current position is his unwavering honesty and dedication to his craft. These qualities have earned him not only the respect of his colleagues but also the admiration and trust of the resort’s guests. His reputation for delivering top-notch tennis lessons and services has resulted in excellent guest reviews.

For Garfield, the true motivation to excel in his job comes from the love and appreciation he receives from the resort’s guests. Hosting tournaments and witnessing the passion people have for the sport further fuels his dedication. Whether it’s in person or through our guest surveys, the words of gratitude and praise never fail to bring a smile to his face, and the kind words, and heartfelt gestures remind him daily of the impact he makes in their lives.

One of Garfield’s favourite things about the resort is seeing familiar faces return year after year. When repeat guests recognize him and express their delight with a simple, “Garfield, we’re so happy you are still here,” it fills his heart with warmth. These reunions embody the sense of community and connection that he values so deeply.

Say hello to Garfield next time you see him on property!