Meet one of our passionate Housemen!

Passionate, self-driven, jovial, warm, and friendly are few of the words to describe Dujon Daley, one of our dedicated and hardworking housekeeping team members.

His tenure with Hedonism II started before 2013 when the ownership of the hotel changed hands. In his childhood years Dujon was excited about becoming a solider, but this changed when he was granted the opportunity to join the tourism industry. While performing duties as a Houseman over the past nine (9) years, he has developed a new passion for cleaning and organizing and attention to detail.

Dujon enjoys what he does and is always willing to go the extra mile for his department, for the company, and for his own self-fulfillment.

Beaming with pride and his usual beautiful smile Dujon states that his tenure at Hedonism II so far has been very rewarding!!