Hedonism II Jamaica - Damion Smith

Damion A. Smith is a day time entertainer at Hedonism II. Born on December 4th 1992 originally in St. Elizabeth, but moved to Negril when he was 8 years old.

He started his tenure at Hedonism II on December 29, 2015.

He is passionate about making our guests have “the best vacation that they could ever dream.”

Although Damion is a daytime entertainer he’s always wanted to be either a physical education teacher or a meteorologist. A meteorologist, he says, because a weather man is the only person who can lie and still keep his job.

In his spare time, Damion enjoys, video games, watching anime and cats because they are self-sufficient. +

Damion describes himself as a “calm, cool, jovial individual who doesn’t, take anything too seriously in terms of jokes because in life I’ve learned that as long as it’s not harmful to you, there’s no need to retaliate, and that’s why I’m always smiling and happy.”

We couldn’t agree more.

One of his lifelong dreams it to be able to travel and see different places in the world.

Say hi to Damion next time you see him strolling on the resort. He’s the one with long locks and the huge smile on his face!