Kama Sutra Palace



Discover the ancient secrets of the art of love, eroticism, desire….

  • Introducing the place where the genuine spirit of the famous Kama Sutra is alive and its secret teachings are revealed. The most iconic erotic playground in the world meets the modern day version of The Kama Sutra, the famous and ancient guide to the art of love, eroticism, and desire. Exclusively in Hedonism II, for the first time, these ancient teachings are being revealed in their true authenticity for the ones who are ready and who dare to dive into a world containing the most extraordinary secrets of refined sensuality, pleasure, and much more…


What is the Kama Sutra?

  • A very common misconception is that the Kama Sutra is just about sex and kinky positions; actually it is a manual for living life fully, teaching how to harness the power of desires in order to upgrade all experiences and enjoy intimacy to its maximum. It addresses humanity’s fundamental needs as much in this day as it did thousands of years ago when it is was written.


The Ideal Environment

  • Hedonism II is the perfect place to unfold these teachings, opening up an endless world of passionate possibilities. The Kama Sutra Palace offers expert guidance in order to navigate through this ocean of desires, making your journey safe and true to your heart. Check the Hedonism schedule for our activities.
  • Open Everyday, 11am-7pm


Expert Guidance

  • The Palace is hosted by a highly trained Kama Sutra team who are on hand to guide you through this euphoric sensual awakening. This group of initiates have unlocked the Kama Sutra secrets through years of study and practice and are sharing them with special guests in Hedonism II. You will have the chance to learn the TRUE Kama Sutra for yourself and to open the lock to your own treasure chamber…


Tantra Massage

  • A Tantric massage is a deeply relaxing, energizing and awakening experience, which increases your inner peace and joy of life. Tantric massage is a perfect boost to the pleasure of intimacy and is an opportunity to deepen the attraction within the couple.

    The massage DOES NOT contain any type of genital touch or stimulation. The aim is to feel the extraordinary sensations that your whole body has to offer and discover that pleasure can go way beyond the genitals to experiences that are even ecstatic.

    The massage is performed by skilled masseurs who have many years of training in the art of Tantric massage and Tantra.

    We offer massages to couples and singles. Our female masseuses massage women and men, and our male masseurs massage only women.


For more details and information, please contact us at [email protected].

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