Kama Sutra Palace

Discover the ancient secrets of the art of Love, Eroticism, Desire and Sensual Massage

Visit the place where the genuine spirit of the treasured Kama Sutra is alive and where its mysterious, veiled teachings are offered through a range of activities tailored to fit Hedo’s unique clientele. The most iconic, erotic playground in the world, once again, meets the modern-day version of the famous and ancient guide to the art of love, eroticism and desire.

Exclusively in Hedonism II, these teachings are offered to all those who wish to dive into a world full of the most extraordinary experiences of refined pleasure, soulful intimacy and joyful life experience.

The sensual, uplifting and intimate space of the Palace is created for your relaxation, to help you open up and feel completely at ease, whether you are joining one of our workshops or wish to surrender into the luxurious experience of a Tantric massage.

It is the perfect space to unfold the touching inner experiences that beautifully compliment the outer intensity found in the rest of the Hedo playground.

What is the Kama Sutra?

A common misconception is that the Kama Sutra is just about sex and kinky positions: actually, it is a manual for living life fully, teaching how to harness the power of desires in order to upgrade ALL life experiences as well as enjoy intimacy to its maximum. It addresses our fundamental needs as much today as it did thousands of years ago when it was written.

Kama Sutra Palace Menu


A visit to the Kama Sutra Palace opens up an endless world of possibilities where you can truly experience an upgrade to your erotic life whilst on vacation through the novel, juicy and inspiring activities.

As part of the amazing All-Inclusive Package offered by Hedonism, the Kama Sutra Palace provides:

  • Interactive Tantra Workshops
  • Morning Yoga on the Beach

There are also a range of “Dive Deeper” activities and services for those who wish to practice and learn more about the Kama Sutra notions and receive a more personalized experience.

Part of your All-Inclusive Package

Monday to Friday

One-hour couples’ workshops in the ambient setting of the Kama Sutra Palace.
Easily approachable and playful, yet full of depth for the curious and open-minded, our guided sessions allow you to open up to new knowledge and experiences within your relationship, by blending meaningful theoretical notions with expertly guided practical exercises.

Pre-booking is not available for the complimentary workshops. We recommend arriving at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time to reserve a place.

Topics Include:

  • Secrets of the Best Lovers
    Learn essential keys for bringing more awareness into your own erotic nature. Discover the delicious sensations your entire body can offer and learn unexpected effects Kama Sutra positions can offer.
  • Drink the Nectar of Life
    A sensual journey of pleasure through the gateway of the senses. Couples are guided in deepening their experience of pleasure in and out of the bedroom.
  • Touch me to Heaven
    Discover firsthand how loving, conscious touch is vital for a healthy, happy, harmonious life and relationship. Take each other beyond the sensations of the physical body to new dimensions of intimacy, bliss, and love in your relationship.
  • Blissful Orgasms
    Keys to unlock your multi-orgasmic capacity! Explore new, and often surprising, areas of the body to awaken the erogenous zones. Open new horizons in sensual experience.
  • Loving You, Loving Life
    Be the first one to LOVE – keep your relationship fresh, alive and “in love” no matter how long you’ve been together. Learn how to make your intimacy a healing and deeply transforming experience through the practice of Kama Sutra lovemaking positions.

Each couple has their own mattress, an intimate space in which they can learn and explore more about themselves, each other and their relationship.

Monday to Friday 9:00AM – 10:00AM (clothing optional beach)

One-hour daily yoga sessions – clothing optional! If you are an early bird and want to start your day recharged, refreshed and filled with positivity, join us for a relaxing and revitalising sessions located on the gorgeous white sandy beach with a view of the glistening aquamarine waters of the Caribbean.

“Centred is the new Sexy”

Traditional Hatha Yoga postures are chosen to be accessible to beginners, yet full of benefits for stretching, toning and strengthening the body, relaxing physical, emotional and mental tension and supporting overall well-being and regeneration.

Each day has a different theme and focus, such as:

  • Recharge your batteries: yoga for regeneration
  • Discover your inner pleasure: yoga for joy and relaxation
  • Light your inner fire: yoga for dynamism and core strength
  • Let love lead the way: yoga for the heart
  • What we think we become: yoga for mental performance


  • Private Teaching sessions for couples (2 – 2.5 hours) – from $350

    You have the opportunity to deepen the knowledge acquired in the complementary workshops by requesting private sessions on a range of topics from the KSP menu. These sessions can be either one to one (pair of teachers per couple) or more couples at the same time if you want to come with your friends!

    Private teaching sessions on request include subjects such as:

    • Ecstatic Sensual Touch
      Couples have the rare opportunity to discover the genuine art of Tantra massage. Learn significant keys that unlock hidden treasures in your relationship.
    • Discover your multi-orgasmic potential
      “The way you are in the bedroom is the way you are in life.” Deepen and enrich your orgasmic experiences and discover how to upgrade your entire life.
    • The Power of Pleasure
      Discover a pure form of pleasure that has no negative side effects. Make Hedo your permanent “inner address” for a more balanced, successful and happy life.
    • Flirting with Life
      What makes the “beginning” so magical? Reignite the spark of playfulness and spontaneity,and reveal how it can set your whole life aglow.
  • Customised Kama Sutra themed speciality events (Enquire for more info)

    Tailored on-request workshops, events and parties for couples and private groups, such as bachelor / bachelorette parties, birthday parties and anniversaries can also be created and hosted by the KSP team, who will help you to create a special event that will fit your needs and take you on a deeper heartfelt journey into the world of the Kama Sutra.

SENSUAL TANTRA MASSAGE While on holiday in Jamaica you have the unique opportunity to treat yourself and your beloved to the extraordinarily sensorial & soulful experience of a Kama Sutra Tantra massage. Our highly trained and experienced KSP team will guide you into a sensual journey that can awaken your erotic and intimate life to a whole new level.

What is Kama Sutra Tantra Massage?

Tantra massage is a beautiful, erotic and ancient art. It is a deeply relaxing, regenerative experience that awakens the body to its innate sensuality and sensitivity that often lay dormant. Discovering that the body can be erogenous all over, this kind of massage helps to access the immense pleasure our bodies are truly able to offer, without any genital stimulation. By amplifying the sense of safety and security, it is possible to create a space for deep emotions to be acknowledged and processed.

Tantra massage involves a range of techniques, and includes body to body touch where the massage therapist uses different parts of their body to awaken beautiful and delightful sensations that go beyond most people’s usual experience of pleasure.

The fundament of Tantra massage is conscious loving touch, expressed through a range of deep massage strokes and gentle caresses that refine the sense perceptions. The attentive presence and empathic inner attitude of the one offering the massage is an essential element that can also be taught and learned. For many, the massage is the beginning of a profound, erotic and explorative journey.

The massages and activities we offer in the Kama Sutra Palace DO NOT CONTAIN any type of genital touch, massage or stimulation. You are encouraged and guided to fully experience the extraordinary sensations that the rest of your body has to offer and in doing so, discover that pleasure can go far beyond the common experience and can even become ecstatic.

Some of the benefits of Tantra massage:

  • Revitalising and awakening
  • Profound relaxation
  • Inner peace and joy of life
  • Awaken erogenous zones across the entire body
  • Amplifies intensity of pleasure
  • Deeper intimacy
  • Increase attraction within the couple
  • Enhance refined femininity of the woman and virile masculinity of the man

KAMA SUTRA TANTRA MASSAGE MENU: Please allow an additional 30 minutes on top of the scheduled massage duration for your experience in the Kama Sutra Palace.

Soothing, relaxing, sensual – an ultimate pleasure experience for couples to enjoy together. Increase erotic attraction and intimacy between you and your lover. The massages are performed simultaneously in one of our beautifully designed massage rooms. Men are massaged by a female massage therapist and women can be massaged by either a female or male massage therapist, depending on availability.

60 MINUTES – $345 per couple

TANTRA MASSAGE FOR SINGLES This delightful, super sensual, refined, one-to-one massage will deeply relax and regenerate you, and awaken your capacity to feel pleasure, peace and joy of life.

60 MINUTES – $195

FOUR HANDS – TANTRA MASSAGE FOR SINGLES (TWO MASSEURS) Enjoy the unforgettable, soft, sensual touches of four hands moving in one rhythm. In this sublime experience, two massage therapists will simultaneously massage you, taking you to new levels of bliss, inner freedom and happiness. An ultimate pampering experience.

60 MINUTES – $345

KAMA SUTRA SULTAN / QUEEN EVENT FOR SINGLES (TWO MASSEURS) Mysterious and majestic, in this Oriental styled event, you will be treated like a Sultan or a Queen. All you have to do is relax deeply and allow yourself to be pampered in this luxurious, delightfully playful and erotically refined experience.

90 MINUTES – $395

KAMA SUTRA SENSE CEREMONY FOR SINGLES (WITH ONE MASSEUR) A guided journey where you can relax and consciously explore the myriad of nuances that your five senses have to offer, through which we are able to see, hear, smell, taste and feel the world we live in. They are also a gateway to accessing the present moment; everything we experience through the senses can only take place HERE and NOW. The more conscious we are when we experience life through the senses, the more we can savour a longer lasting pleasure and feel the exquisite nuances of each perception. In this way our experience of pleasure is upgraded to a whole new level.

90 MINUTES – $245

LEARN TANTRA MASSAGE TOGETHER Here at the Kama Sutra Palace in Hedonism II, you have the rare opportunity to learn the art of genuine Tantric massage.

These training sessions will not certify you as a Tantra Massage therapist, but are intended for the benefit of your couple relationship. Through the guidance of the KSP team, couples can learn elements of Tantra massage in theoretical and practical private sessions in order to enrich their relationship and connect with each other even more profoundly.

160 MINUTES – $345

Conscious touch is the silent gate to the heart…

Meet the Kama Sutra Palace Team

The teams for the Kama Sutra Palace are made up of teachers from across Europe who have been studying and practicing Tantra for a minimum of 5 years.

We are on hand to guide you through this journey of discovery. You will have the chance to get a hands-on experience with a modern-day version of the Kama Sutra teachings and unlock the treasure chamber inside of you.

For all enquiries and bookings email – [email protected]

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