We’re excited to share a significant update to the Repeat Offenders drawing, coming into effect on January 1, 2024. We’re making a change to how we count visits to our haven of pleasure and freedom. From the start of 2024, we will be considering trips made from January 1, 2013, onward for inclusion in our Repeat Offenders drawing.

This change allows us to streamline our process, ensuring that your recent engagements with us are recognized and celebrated more effectively. It reflects our commitment to those who have supported Hedonism II since Harry became the steward of our unique paradise. Your loyalty and passion during this period have been the heartbeat of our resort, and it’s important to us that we honor these recent years of shared experiences and joy.

So, get ready for a year to elevate the unforgettable, sultry adventures that await you at Hedonism II. Here’s to many more escapades in our little slice of paradise!