We are thrilled to announce the official re-opening of the Kama Sutra Palace at Hedonism II! Last week began with a sparkling Re-opening Celebration hosted by the beautiful and inspiring team, followed by a touching workshop with fascinating new notions about intimacy and eros, as well as a playful guided exercise exploring some of the Kama Sutra’s famous lovemaking positions and their amazing effects.

Carlo, Rebecca, Harry Lange, Carmen, Cara

Harry Lange – owner of Hedonism II – joined the celebration, and as one of the projects biggest exponents, kicked off proceedings with a heartfelt speech about what he feels the Kama Sutra Esoteric Palace can offer the guests of the most iconic playground in the world.

“I have been an active participant in the workshops and activities and I can testify that it is a really good way for couples to connect, reconnect, to learn about the power of the senses and so many new ways to truly excite each other. This is an amazing lifestyle.”

Harry also shared how the Kama Sutra project fulfils a need for “wellness” in people’s lives – not only to go on vacation and have fun but also to nourish the deepest needs of health, harmony and profound connection with themselves and each other.

The team are with us all the way from Europe to share from their wealth of experience and knowledge. Living what they teach as a true way of life and passionate to share the beauty and mysteries with all those who are open and curious, they look forward to welcoming you to this magical corner of Hedonism II for an enriching and unforgettable adventure.

As well as the all-inclusive activities hosted by the Kama Sutra Esoteric Palace team, including Complementary Taster Workshops and Free Morning Yoga on the Beach, you can also book one-on-one Dive Deeper Private Sessions for your couple or group, and sensual Kama Sutra Tantra Massages (for both couples and singles) that are sure to expand your horizons in the world of touch and heartfelt intimacy.

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