The long-awaited return of our beloved Kama Sutra Palace is finally here! The Palace opens its doors starting October 16th and you’re invited to dive into a world of intimacy and sensuality that not only arouses the senses but also strengthens bonds. With the Kama Sutra team back in action, your journey of exploration in intimacy is bound to be unforgettable.

Hidden just beyond the tennis courts, the Palace stands as an emblem of profound serenity and eroticism. Awaken your senses in a realm adorned with exquisite oriental décor, fragrant flowers, delicate aromas, and a symphony of ambient music. This tranquil corner of Hedonism II is designed for you to explore pure eros, deep love, soulful intimacy and sublime desires, both within your relationships and in your own inner world, through the Tantric wisdom of the Kama Sutra.

Whether you’re here for the tantalizing Tantra Taster workshops, finding zen with our Beach Yoga sessions or a sensual Tantra massage, the Palace is open to all. And the best part? Many offerings are part of your all-inclusive package.

Find Inner Peace on the Hedo beach

Centered is the new sexy. Start your day with Yoga on the Beach, a relaxing clothing-optional guided class that will leave you invigorated and refreshed.

Afternoon Delight
From Monday through Friday, you’re also invited to attend our complimentary one-hour Tantra Taster workshops that explore different topics related to deepening love and intimacy, increasing our experience of pleasure, discovering your multiorgasmic capacities and more. The workshops take place in our enchanting main teaching hall, where each couple has their own mattress, a cozy island and intimate space to explore.

Workshop topics include:
Secrets of the Best Lovers: Discover the delicious sensations your entire body can offer.
Drink the Nectar of Life: A sensual journey of pleasure through the gateway of the senses.
Touch Me to Heaven: Learn the importance and power of touch.
Blissful Orgasms: Discover the key to multi-orgasmic pleasure.
Loving You, Loving Life: Keep that flame alive, no matter how long you’ve been together.

Dive Deeper: Exclusive Kama Sutra Offerings

For those longing for more, our Dive Deeper sessions are tailor-made just for you. Guests can delve into Private Teaching Sessions for Couples and Groups, meticulously crafted to deepen the knowledge and skills acquired during our complimentary workshops. Opt for a highly personalized one-on-one session (with a dedicated pair of teachers for each couple), or bring a dash of shared laughter and discovery to the table by attending with another couple! Also available on our menu of additional offerings is a diverse variety of Tantra massages, each designed to stir the senses, fan the flames of passion and harmonize the body’s energies.

Learn more about the Kama Sutra Palace, our offerings, pricing and more here.
We are looking forward to reuniting with old friends and meeting many more curious souls with whom we can share the wonders of the Kama Sutra in its many facets.

With love,
The Kama Sutra Team