Next up on The Priory Society’s lifestyle podcast, hosts Eros and Isis will chat with the founder of Hedonism’s Young Swingers Week, Brett, as he presents listeners with an voyeuristic view inside YSW at Hedonism II.

Hear what they are saying about what it’s like to take over the world’s most iconic adult playground. Get answers to questions like, Who goes? How much does it cost? What is it like for newbies? And, more behind the scenes fun.

The Priory Society’s Eros and Isis are a happily married, 30-something swingers couple who regularly dish their sexual tales of adventure and mishap. They are informative, open, honest and funny as they share their silly situations and juiciest details with curious newbies, as well as seasoned swingers. Tune into The Priory Society’s podcast to listen, learn and laugh. Stream online or subscribe via their website.