When was the last time you were really honest about your fantasies? I mean really honest. Whether things are just heating up with a new flame, or you’ve been working at it with your partner for a while, sharing your innermost fantasies will take your sex life to the next level.

By now maybe you’ve shared your basic kinks, what you’re open to and what’s an absolute ‘hell no.’ But have you taken the time to get in touch with yourself (maybe while you’re getting in touch with yourself) to see what your deepest sexual fantasies are? You may think you’re the only person in the world turned on by what you are, but I can guarantee you’re not alone! Starting an open dialogue without judgment (that part is important) with your partner about what really excites you opens the door for them to do the same. When you both feel seen you can take your newfound knowledge into the bedroom and see where it takes you. You may even discover new kinks through each other that you never realized were a turn on for you.

So next time you’re flying solo in fantasy land, consider sharing a glimpse with your partner. Not only will they be exhilarated by feeling like a voyeur in your mind, but they’re likely to feel even more connected to you. It’s a win for the mind, body and libido!