Why Hedonism II?

Hi! My name is Janet and I will be blogging here about the wonderful place that we all know and love called Hedonism II. I’ve lost count on how many times I have been to Hedonism II but I would estimate it to be approximately 50 trips. I used to be sad when checking out until it occurred to me that I had to leave in order to come back, that the day I left I was one day closer to returning.

Hmmm. Why do we love it? Why do we continue to return or “come home” time and time again?” What is the magic that makes Hedonism II so special? What is Dreaded Island Fever, also known as DIF and how is it cured? Well, let me try to explain.

I believe we love Hedonism II because it let’s us be who we really are. In the real world we have to mask ourselves, keep our guard up. At Hedonism II we are accepted for who we truly are. They say that nudity is the great equalizer. I believe this to be the truth. No one judges you based on your designer clothing or jewelry. You lead with your mind and your personality. You make friends at the most basic level with no judgments. The result of this is lifelong friendships that carry on outside of Hedonism II.

Why do we “come home” time and time again? That is easy to answer. We return because Hedonism II is our haven from the rest of the world. From the moment you arrive and hear the words, “Welcome home”, you can feel the stress in your shoulders melt away. As you walk to your room you can hear the laughter and the party going on at the pool. You see all the beautiful greenery that is so meticulously manicured alongside all of the painted rocks and signs. All reminders of how much other guests have enjoyed Hedonism II. Many of us return to see our friends. We plan our trips at the same time because we live far away from each other and had met at Hedonism II previously.

The magic? The staff, the vibe and the guests. I believe there is something magical about Hedonism II. I am not quite sure what the magic is, but somehow this resort gets under your skin and into your soul. The staff truly become your family. They remember your name, they ask about your family. You matter to them. The entertainment crew is unmatched. They keep things jumping. They are friendly and approachable. Their goal is not only to keep you entertained, it is to encourage people to meet each other, to form more lifelong friendships. What other vacation have you been on that does all of this?

The answer? None. Hedonism II is unique. It is special. It is unmatched.

All of this leads to Dreaded Island Fever or DIF, as it is commonly referred. This is something that happens to you about a week after you return to the real world. You might be sitting at your desk at work and suddenly a memory from Hedonism II pops into your head and you get this big grin on your face. A coworker will look at you and ask what you are smiling about. Chances are, you can’t tell them.  Your heart and soul will wish that you could turn back the clock just one week and be back at the resort. You will go home and likely book your next trip because after all, that is the only known cure for Dreaded Island Fever.

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