What Does Your Career Say About Your Sex Life


Who you are in the boardroom may say a lot about your personal preferences in the bedroom. However, because so many of us try to leave work at work, we often overlook the connections! Find out what your career says about your love life!

Practical Workers

For those careers that are more practical—for instance, those in the line of managerial, administrative, engineering, or artisanal work—are often more logical in their everyday life as well as their work life. They use logic to solve problems and enjoy working with their hands, which makes them more traditional in the bedroom. Hey, they’re good at what they know! Alternatively, some pragmatists will surprise you! Even though Practical Workers are known to be more dominant in their work life, some prefer to be submissive with their partners.
Out of 400 people surveyed, 35% of those with Practical partners said they wished their partner was more adventurous. 30% stated that their Practical partner almost always falls asleep immediately after intimacy. Nonetheless, an overwhelming 74% stated that their Practical partner was exceptionally skilled at performing oral sex.

Care-Focused Workers

Those whose work is geared toward helping others often bring this selflessness into the bedroom. Examples of Care-Focused Workers include teachers, physicians, nurses, professional assistants, secretaries, and other positions where the overall outcome is the betterment of someone else’s life. Many Care-Focused people state that other people’s happiness is the source of their own happiness. Commonly, these people are good at delivering hard news, and are very tactful in most interactions. Most of all, they enjoy being needed.
Care-Focused people may know what makes others happy in their everyday life, but in the bedroom, they tend to focus more on what makes them happy. They are often the initiators, are not afraid to be adventurous, and regularly seek partners who are equally adventurous. Out of the 400 surveyed, 55% of those with Care-Focused partners said their partner was exceptionally skilled at oral sex, 100% reported that their partner engaged in foreplay, and 61% reported consistent cuddling after sex.

Thought-Driven Workers

Many people are more abstract, working mostly within their own minds. Entrepreneurs, surgeons, executives, architects, scientists, and attorneys are all fueled by ideas. Although these people are less focused on the tangible world, they are very detail focused and driven. They often use lists and read instruction manuals.
Although sometimes noted as being distant, their overall attentiveness makes them exceptional lovers. They understand sex and intimacy as complex ideas, and will do their best to satisfy all their partner’s needs. Although Thoughtful lovers are not known for being experimental physically, they are very likely to engage in fantasies. Thoughtful lovers are three times more open to engaging in role-play. Forty-two percent of Thoughtful lovers expressed interest in having sex every day. However, only 10% of Thoughtful lovers actually engage in daily intercourse. From the previously mentioned survey, 92% of people said that their Thoughtful partners engaged in foreplay.

Emotion-Driven Workers

Those more empathically inclined are fueled by their emotions and intuitions. They prefer to follow their “gut feeling” over logic. Because they are so in tune with their own emotions and the emotions of others, they often seek out careers that enable them to improve the lives of others. Such paths include—but are not limited to—veterinarians, writers, artists, musicians, therapists, ministers, pediatrician, and those working in the nonprofit sector.
Because Emotional lovers often put others first in their day-to-day, it’s not uncommon for them to be more selfish in the bedroom. Emotional lovers can be seen as dominant and adventurous, especially if they are less so in their everyday interactions. On the other hand, Emotional lovers can be extremely shy, or even bashful, about intercourse. These types of emotional lovers almost never initiate. However, of those surveyed, 45% stated that Emotional partners have been the best lovers, which is not hard to believe given that 73% were said to fully satisfy their partners. Overall, creative Emotion-Driven workers (artists, writers, etc.) were said to have 2.3 times more partners than their non-creative counterparts.

Statistical Intercourse

Some industries, however, create environments that are more conducive (or accepting) of interwork relationships. For example, expediting clerks, database administrators, automotive technicians, stock clerks, food service workers, and safety specialists were ranked among the most likely to hook up with coworkers.
Overall, those who teach or work for the government reported having the most sex. Of those who earn $80K or more a year, 45% had engaged in a threesome at least once, and 83% had had sex outdoors. Meanwhile, those who earned $25K–$57K had experimented with bondage.


There’s something to be said about the link between the bedroom and the boardroom: some occupations (and industries) make for better lovers, but it may just be in the eye of the beholder.


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