Embrace Your Birthday Suit - Hedonism II

When life’s stressors stack up on your shoulders, sometimes there is no better solution than to shrug everything off—literally. At Hedonism II’s nudist resort, we recognize that going au natural is the key to a variety of health benefits. Give your body the tender loving care only true nakedness can provide.

1. Improves Sleep

Light sleepers know that even one annoyance can set a normal sleep schedule off kilter. Sleeping in the nude, however, can help you achieve a deeper, more restful sleep because it prevents your body from overheating. Our bodies need to reach an optimal temperature of 60-68 degrees Fahrenheit to sleep comfortably, and ditching your PJs can help your core cool down to that temperature more quickly. In steamy Jamaica, this tip is especially helpful for staying well rested.

2. Burns More Fat

Did you know that being naked could help you lose that stubborn belly fat? According to Dr. Natasha Turner at the Huffington Post, cooling down in your birthday suit released fat-burning and appetite-controlling hormones. This boosts your metabolism and decreases your hunger.

3. Smooths Skin

Your skin isn’t meant to be squeezed into clothing all day. The lines, bruises, and chafing caused by everyday clothes contribute to wrinkling and dry skin. While wearing clothes, your skin also tends to reabsorb the toxins it expels through sweat. Being free from your pesky clothing will allow your body to decompress and recover. Red pressure marks will fade away, and your blood circulation will improve.

4. Increase Fertility

You can also experience a fertility boost during your stay at a nudist resort. Since being naked allows your body to retain a more consistent temperature, your most sensitive organs are able to air out and regulate temperature changes more easily. Men who spend time naked during the day or at night experience increased fertility and higher sperm counts. Women are less likely to contract yeast infections or other medical disorders.

5. Best Source of Vitamin D

More than anything else, humans are seriously lacking in the amount of Vitamin D that we intake. We are naturally outdoor beings; however, we spend most of our time indoor and stock up on supplements as an alternative to the best source–sun exposure.

Researchers note that our bodies are better at absorbing Vitamin D from sunlight than supplements and that the optimal time to get UVB radiation, the sunlight that produces the all-important Vitamin D, are usually when the sun is “higher.” Sun exposure seems to cure many ailments and assists in keeping you healthy. At Hedonism II, it’s almost always present, which is yet another reason to bear it all.

Nudist resorts are more than a wild romantic getaway. They also present a chance for you to let loose and revitalize your body’s most vital processes.