Hedonism II has a long history in Jamaica that few people know about. We get many of the same questions all the time, so we thought we’d take this chance to invite future guests to learn more about our property and history. Here’s a look at where we’ve been and what we’re all about today.

Hedonism II opened its doors back in 1976 and was built by the Jamaican government. They spent an incredible $10 million to build the luxury lifestyle resort in an effort to attract visitors to the tropical island. After six years of operation under the name Negril Beach Village, a new name, Hedonism II, was bestowed upon the burgeoning vacation destination. (And in case you’re wondering, there never was a Hedonism I!)

In the years that followed, the resorts went through several different owners. Today, it is a privately owned and managed lifestyle resort that attracts visitors from all over the world. Negril Beach continues to be famous for its seven mile-long stretch of sandy coast.

One of the highlights of the property for many of our visitors is the clothing optional beach. While it only makes up approximately a third of our total property, countless guests enjoy the tropical sun and sand just a little bit more on this specially designated part of the island.

Hedonism II has long had a reputation for indulgence and decadence, and we would have to say that most of what you’ve heard is true! Many guests come once and uncover an addiction to the pure, uninhibited fun they experience at our ultimate couples vacation destination. Hedonism II has spent decades as the world’s leading lifestyle resort, and you can bet we’re going to continue entertaining our guests and keep them coming back for more for many years to come!