Our Chairman recently hosted our Biannual $100 Giveaway, giving every single member of our spectacular staff $100USD, a token of appreciation for all the cherished members of the Hedo family. A sunny Jamaican afternoon was the backdrop to a long-loved ceremony. One by one, staff from all departments are gifted, a small thank you for contributing to making the Hedonism II experience unforgettable.

For the uninitiated, this isn’t just a whimsical exercise in generosity; it’s an ethos, a culture of appreciation. Often, hard work of the behind-the-scenes heroes goes unnoticed. Our staff doesn’t just serve you drinks; they serve up experiences. They don’t just clean rooms; they prepare love nests. The Hedonism II experience is unlike any other, and it starts and ends with our extraordinary staff.

A Little Goes a Long Way: Join Us in Giving Back!

While our Chairman is generous with our fabulous team, you too can sprinkle a little fairy dust in the lives of the local community. Visit our front desk or email [email protected] to find out how you can contribute to the Hedonism II Foundation. A non-profit aimed at enriching the lives of Negril’s youth through education and resources, every dollar you donate not only makes a difference locally but adds another layer of feel-good to your ultimate Hedonism experience.