When it comes to flirting, where do you fall on the flirt spectrum? Are you an awkward novice or sultry expert? Regardless of your current flirtation skills, it never hurts to brush up and hone those horny cues.

It all starts with your body language. Maybe flash a little smirk, give your lower lip a subtle bite, play with your hair-confidence is really key here. Eye contact is also super important. Stay engaged and in the moment.

Sweet Talker

Flattery will get you everywhere. Pay a sincere compliment. Think about what it is that attracts you to them. Is it their piercing blue eyes, or maybe their impeccable sense of style? Let them know! Go a step further and take it beyond looks. What is it about their personality that keeps you wanting more. Compliments help make people feel at ease and lets them know you’re interested.

Ask them about themselves! Nothing crazy personal. Keep it light by sticking to hobbies, work, pets, etc.

If things are going well and you’re vibing with each other, you can always try some light, playful touches. Gently touch their arm when you laugh. If there’s music playing, ask them to dance. Confidence is imperative, but be sure you’re not coming across as arrogant. Pay as much attention to their cues as you are your own.

Most of all, get out of your head and have some fun!