Over time, it’s not uncommon for romance and passion to dwindle in a relationship. Life, comfort and routine can often take over where intrigue, lust and desire once existed. Being sexy for each other outside of the bedroom can help you reconnect with your partner and keep intimacy alive. Add the spark back this summer with these 5 simple yet effective ways to bring sexy back.

1. Add a Touch of Mystery

Predictability can be boring. Ditch the routine schedule and add a little spontaneity to your relationship by going on an adventure or trying something new. Make breakfast for dinner, go on a weekend road trip somewhere new (hotel sex!), introduce new positions and switch it up with roleplaying, a fun way to “get to know each other” all over again.
Pro-Tip: Talking about your fantasies and kinks is a great way to bring as little mystery back into your relationship.

2. Speak Their Language

Do you know your partner’s love language? How we express and receive love may be different for our partner, so being aware of this is essential in keeping your relationship muy caliente. Quality time or physical touch are a great way for some people to warm things up in their relationship. For others, praise and compliments, running errands, or helping with tasks and chores are other ways to communicate love for your partner. Speaking your partners love language can strengthen your bond and sexual intimacy.
Pro-Tip: Take some time to indulge yourself with self-love too! Loving yourself better will open the paths to deeper, stronger connections with your SO.

3. Leave a Note

Whether its a post it, a steamy shower message on the mirror, or a quick midday sexting sesh, keep your SO on their toes with a sexy note. Flex your inner writer and remind them how much they are loved or give them a teasing sneak peak of what they can expect later.
Pro-Tip: Personalize a handwritten note with a lipstick kiss or cologne spritz for an extra touch of sexy.

4. Entice the Senses

Surprise your SO with a sexy shock to the senses. Nothing gets the adrenaline spiking like an unexpected gratuitous visual, indulgent taste or feel-good triggering scent. Ladies, want to give him a sexy surprise he’ll discover later? Sneak a pair of your sexiest lace panties into his jacket pocket for him to find later. Set a bubble bath together with your favorite scented candles, wine and chocolate covered strawberries for a sense-sational night.
Pro-Tip: Buy a couples body-paint and canvas kit for a sense-riveting night of naked artsy fun. Plus, you get to have a custom piece of abstract art when you’re done!

5. Play Together

Rediscovering a childlike sense of fun and wonder as a couple is a great way to connect and be spontaneous. From riding bikes together, to a mini-golf date or a little friendly competition on game night, having fun leads to deeper feelings of love which leads to better sex!
Pro-Tip: Make it interesting…a friendly bet can up the ante and heat factor.