Farm-to-fork (or table) is a movement concerning organic ingredients grown or raised locally with intent to produce meals with the freshest products. At Hedonism II, we pride ourselves on our commitment to bringing in the finest ingredients from local farm communities straight to our guests’ tables.

In addition to our support for surrounding local farm communities, we operate our own garden that offers up organic vegetables and herbs for our kitchen and private dinner use. This on-site garden provides fresh, healthful ingredients for many of our salads and dishes. Implementing locally-grown produce from our gardens through the farm-to-fork movement allows us to provide our guests with high-quality, great tasting cuisine and supports our “Go Green” Initiative.

In our vegetable and herb garden you can find basil, mint, tomatoes, oregano, bell pepper, datil pepper, bok choy (Chinese cabbage), lettuce and more. During your next visit, enjoy a stroll on the walking path or take the nature walk with our Grounds Team to see our expansive organic garden.

Serving Up Farm-to-Fork Freshness at Hedonism II in Jamaica