You know Hedonism II for its sun-soaked beaches, sultry parties, and those anything-goes vibes, right? Well, it’s not just the guests who know how to party; the staff does too. And because our Chairman is all about sharing the love, we did something unheard of in the Jamaican hospitality community.

A Hedonistic Night Out!

The Chairman shook things up in a way only Hedonism II can. A whopping 23 of our beloved staff were treated to grandstand tickets to a Chris Brown concert where they could enjoy the “King of R&B” belt it out. The event proved to be about more than just letting loose. Key members of our world-famous Entertainment Crew were among the attendees. And let’s just say, they took some serious notes. High-end production sets, mesmerizing choreography, jaw-dropping lighting—these are all fuel for our ever-creative team to up the ante for upcoming shows at Hedo.

Make it Werk

Let’s be honest, our staff is the soul of Hedonism II. They’re the magic makers, the vibe setters, and the ultimate party starters. They deserve to be wined, dined, and dazzled just as much as any guest. So, when you see an even more electrifying performance by our Entertainment Crew soon, just know they got a dose of inspiration from the best in the biz.

What makes this all so deliciously special? This type of outing has never been done before in the Jamaican hospitality community. It’s a first, much like many experiences our guests have here. We set the trend, darling, others merely follow.

For those of you yet to experience Hedonism II, just know that our amazing staff is a significant part of what makes a trip here so unforgettable. Don’t forget to high-five our Entertainment Crew when you do; they’ve got some new moves to show you!