The Kama Sutra is one of the most well-known books on the planet, yet famous mostly for its acrobatic positions and spicing up our intimate life. We dare say, however, that few have truly ventured into the secret world of the Kama Sutra’s mysteries and treasures…

It is, in fact, a genuine – and quite extensive! – manual of how to live a happy and fulfilled life in, and also out of, the bedroom. The Kama Sutra addresses how to deal with essential human needs and desires as much today as it did thousands of years ago when it was written. Embedded in the text are many practical and efficient keys that teach us to become true connoisseurs of pleasure, teaching how to make it a more constant and stronger presence in our life.

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The Pursuit of Pleasure Kama Sutra style

“Eroticism is essential for the survival of man, just as food is necessary for bodily health, and on them depend both virtue and wealth.” (Kama Sutra)

The Kama Sutra teaches us that we are designed to experience the most exquisite power of pleasure. Apart from ensuring the perpetuation of our species, the Kama Sutra reveals a fact that is now supported and even measured scientifically: that pleasure is as vital to our well-being as food!

The more pleasure and joy we experience, even in seemingly simple daily actions such as eating a delicious cake, smelling a fresh flower, looking at the Hedo sunset or listening to beautiful music, help us live a stress-free, happier and healthier life by triggering the release of cuddly, cosy and immune-strengthening hormones such as oxytocin and endorphins.

So, the one who compiled the Kama Sutra was not just a little bit kinky! Pleasure has extraordinary powerful effects on the human consciousness, and so methods were devised to amplify and expand the most intense experience of pleasure – the ORGASM – so much that it can alter the consciousness completely and elevate it significantly. Allowing us to get high JUST on pleasure… (we’re not kidding).

When you explore pleasure in a conscious way and you deepen and prolong it for long enough you will realise something very interesting: you become more authentic, more free, more in tune with the deepest parts of yourself, and thus more balanced and happy. The question, of course, is HOW?

The Hedonistic Way to Pleasure

“Pursue pleasure” is a concept that the Hedo family are very familiar with! The thing is, being a Hedonist is actually much more than just pursuing pleasure – it is about diving into it FULLY conscious. The real hedonist knows how to enjoy all pleasures in full awareness, noticing every nuance and harvesting it’s amazing effects.

We can start to train this by consciously engaging any of our five senses in order to massively enhance our erotic, sensual and intimate experiences.

Does that mean by learning how to use and enjoy our senses we can become better in bed?

YES! Paying attention and focusing on the actual experience (rather than just the action that brings us the pleasant experience) allows us to access an immense reservoir of pleasure, without any withdrawal or lows after touching the heavenly heights.

Practice Makes Perfect

We invite you to try this exercise with your beloved, or a friend, for enhancing your experience of pleasure:

Prepare a blindfold or scarf, and one or more of the following items before starting; a piece of paper sprayed with perfume or essential oils, bite-sized pieces of fruit, a feather (or your soft hands!), a beautiful piece of music.

1. Take a moment to connect with one another with your eyes closed, holding hands, and breathe together in a natural way, relaxing deeply.

2. Cover the eyes of the one receiving with the blindfold or scarf, or ask them to keep their eyes closed.

3. Choose which sense you wish to stimulate; smell, taste, touch, and hearing (or work your way through each of them). Choose an item from your prepared selection.

4. For the sense of smell, gently waft the paper in front of the receiver’s nostrils, allowing them to feel the intensity of the smell, and then moving the paper away for some moments before repeating the gesture for a minute or two.

5. We invite the one receiving to to allow the sense perception in as completely as possible, as if it is totally new, to isolate your sense of smell from all other stimuli, putting all your attention into it. Afterwards, take some moments to stay quiet with full awareness on the nuances of what you sensed and how you feel.

6. We recommend repeating the above steps with each of the following senses:

• TASTE: play with the piece of fruit on the lips and tongue, or even focus on tasting each other when you kiss

• TOUCH: delicately caress the face and arms, and any other sensitive place with the feather or very gently with your finger tips

• HEARING: play some beautiful music or whisper sweet words into the ear of the one receiving…

7. After this inner sensorial journey, take some moments to feel the effects. Notice the many details of each experience that may have gone unnoticed before, observe your emotional responses, feel a state of vivid aliveness.

8. Change roles and allow the other one to experience the awakening of the senses.

This attitude of attentive enjoyment can be applied to any life experience. Training the “muscle” in this type of exercise will make it much more accessible to bring into the even more intense pleasurable experiences of your amorous intimate lives!