With his breathtaking dance moves and soulful voice, Michael Jackson became one of the biggest pop stars of all time — his red leather jacket becoming synonymous with his “Beat it” video. Hedonism II is lucky enough to have a skilled performer who pays tribute to Michael Jackson, showcasing his style and thrilling dance moves, including the smooth and sexy “moon walk”.

Wayon learned to dance on the streets of his home town in Jamaica. Since the age of 7 he loved to practice new dance moves with his peers. The young street dancers challenged and supported each other and honed their skills by following YouTube videos, including all the Michael Jackson routines. Street dancing was a great pastime and kept the kids entertained and out of trouble.

With original aspirations of becoming a chef, Wayon had to change his vocational training to electrical studies and became an electrician instead. “It’s a good profession with regular work”, says Wayon, “But I ended up in the army for two years before I got a chance to work”.

Wayon joined the Hedonism II Entertainment Crew (EC) in March of 2015 with his tremendous dance skills and his ethic for hard work and discipline which he learned in the army. These strong assets were exactly what he needed to prepare himself for the grueling hours involved in entertaining naked partiers at the nude pool and performing Michael Jackson to a full house on the main stage.

This upside down world of hedonistic pleasure is a far cry from the streets of Kingston and Wayon appreciates every minute of it. He relishes every opportunity to work with Entertainment Manager, Winston Bartley, “Winston is such a perfectionist. His focus on the details helps me to grow and improve as a performer”, says Wayon.

Wayon describes his favorite part of working at Hedonism II as a rich cultural experience. “We learn about so many different cultures from all the different guests. We feel like we are traveling the world with them” explains Wayon. “And the fun spirit of all the people, the way they open-up — their vibrance makes you come alive.”

Equally transcending is Wayon in his red leather jacket, white gloves and black hat on the main stage with the music of “Beat it” cued up for a Hedonistic version of the dance routine, performed by the entire entertainment crew — You can’t beat it!