Upside down pineapple was once synonymous with cake. Now they’re a symbol for sexy swingers ready to mingle. But how do you display this prickly fruit to let others know you’re DTF? Think of it as a bat signal, but for horny swingers. Here are a few subtle, fun ways to display the pineapple:

On the door

Cumming to Hedo this summer? Hang an upside pineapple outside your door to let your neighbors know what’s up. You can even order magnets online ahead of time.

On your body

Heading to the bar or club? A pineapple pin or patch is a fun way to catch the eye of a like minded couple. It’s also the perfect excuse to buy yourself some new earrings.

Phone it in

Decorate your phone case or order one already donning the juicy symbol.

Really the sky’s the limit when it comes to ways to show off your preferences. In the digital world you can add a cute little emoji to your profile. You can also order a tropical drink at the bar that’s served in a pineapple-though this one’s a bit more subtle. At Hedo our guests are well versed in picking up what you’re putting down so whatever method you choose you’re bound to find yourself a good time.