Hedonism II is one of the most well-known adults only resorts in the world, so our guests always expect something wild and special during their stay. Mr. Caribbean International is an event celebrated here every year. This event beckons some of the Caribbean’s most talented and attractive men to show our guests what they have to offer.

Every year, Caribbean men compete in a combination of fitness, talent, modeling, and public speaking rounds. This is the first competition of its kind in the area. We have been celebrating this exciting, unique, and exhilarating event for twelve years, and our guests go crazy for it every year. These men boast a combination of charming personalities and breathtaking figures. You won’t find an event quite like it at any other adults only resorts.

Every year, all of our guests are thrilled to be a part of this competition. Many guests plan their trips around the competition to see what the new competitors have to offer. To all of our returning guests, we are excited to see you again! To all of our first timers, we can’t wait to help you have one of the most exciting vacations you will ever experience!