Just because we are staying six feet apart doesn’t meant we can’t keep it sexy. During times of high stress, taking a moment to feel sensual, sultry and stimulated is a great way to practice self-care and boost your mood. Check out our 3 fun tips for sexing it up while self-isolating alone or with your partner!

1. Spice Up Your Self-Love

Whether you are feeling “quarantine horniness” or simply need a little alone-time, solo sex is not only a classic time waster, it could give you just the “pick-me-up” you need. Take this time to get creative and try something new. From playing with new toys to finding inspiration in a porn genre you haven’t seen before, there’s plenty of ways to spice it up with self-pleasure.

2. See and Be Seen

If you’re desperately longing for the days of donning your hottest threads and strutting into your local club, you might have fun web-camming. Whether your watching, performing, or both there are tons of active camming sites that cater to everyone, and some you can even make money from! Exploring web camming and digital orgies can be a hot and stimulating way to have fun with exhibitionism and voyeurism while on lockdown. For a less “live” but still sensual alternative, set up a sexy selfie photoshoot and get your flirt on by sexting your partner, friends with benefits or recent swipe match. Sit back and enjoy the sexual tension!

3. De-stress with Self-Care

Everyone is handling things differently which means that your libido can be affected and even change from day to day. With stressors like kids at home, working remotely and being unable to go out, your sensual side can take a hit that may leave you feeling anything but sexy. Taking time to practice self-care can be the sexiest thing you can do for yourself. If you live with your partner, try giving each other a sensual massage. Indulge in a soothing bath, your favorite feel-good meal and give yourself space when you need it.