Whether your cruising your local club or taking the vacation of a lifetime at Hedonism II, swinging while you’re single can come with its own set of rules and politics. For all you sexy and single studs, bulls and unicorns, here are a few tips on how to navigate the sensual waters of swinging while single.

Be Nice, Be Cool, But Above All, Be Respectful

Nobody likes it when someone comes on too strong. Confidence is sexy, especially when you’re a single swinger, so be cool! The key to swinging single is to be fun, friendly and approachable. If a couple is looking for what you have to offer, trust us, they will notice you. If you’re excited to be invited to play or choose to move along instead, always being respectful of people and their choices will take you a long way. Be aware of a couple’s boundaries and limits like whether they are into cuck, hot-wifing, full swap or soft swap and don’t cross any lines that are set.

Understand the Couple’s Swinging Boundaries

As we mentioned above, being aware of a couple’s desires and limits is an integral part of being respectful and making you as a single swinger that much more desirable. But, it can also save you from any unwanted drama. A couple that has clearly defined limitations is less likely to result in you dealing with issues of jealousy and lack of communication. Playing on the swingset should be all about having fun so avoid any faux paus by understanding and being comfortable with your role.

Go Where the Action Is

AKA, visit Hedo! Between local clubs, websites and dating apps, finding fun couples looking for a third is easier than ever. And although swinger sex isn’t guaranteed anywhere, visiting Hedonism II the world-famous adult playground where you’re bound to meet tons of sexy like-minded people from all over is the best place to start. Start planning your 2019 trip with our Wick for a Week special where you can book early and save big!