This may not have been the sexy summer we had in mind but that didn’t stop many of our fave artist from dropping dozens of summer smashes that perfectly summed up our unquenchable thirst to get out and back home to Hedo. From pop jams to dancehall hits, this summer playlist packs the sexiest cuts for fun in the sun (and hot tub and romping shop and ocean raft 😉)  

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1. Spice, Shaggy, Sean Paul – Go Down Deh

This sexy summer dancehall smash packs the perfect vibes to get the party started right.
Sexiest lyric: I can do this every morning, every evening / Have you screaming straight back to sunrise

2. Lizzo, Cardi B – Rumors

Just like at Hedo, turns out, the rumors you heard are true.
Sexiest lyric: All the rumors are true, yeah / What ya heard, that’s true, yeah

3. Maneskin – I Wanna Be Your Slave

With its gritty BDSM vibes, it’s tough to pick just one sexy lyric from this hit by Eurovision winners Maneskin so we’ll leave you with the gist of it
Sexiest lyric: I wanna be your slave / I wanna be your master

4. Rezz, Dove Cameron – Taste of You

This alluring dance single is an ode to that well-known lustful feeling of craving someone so much you can barely handle your own existence
Sexiest lyric: You make me weaker, you’re my keeper / Pull me deeper, take me to the edge

5. Dexta Daps – Call Me If

Don’t let the soulful sound of this dancehall banger fool ya, this raunchy ballad is a lust track detailing just how to treat a woman to a good time
Sexiest lyric: Since yuh seh yah freak come show mi the evidence, oh

6. Justin Bieber, Daniel Caesar, Giveon – Peaches

This saccharine track is the perfect soundtrack to a hot summer’s day tryst in one of Hedo’s tucked away hammocks
Sexiest lyric: And I see you (oh), the way I breathe you in (in), it’s the texture of your skin /
I wanna wrap my arms around you, baby, never let you go, oh

7. Megan Thee Stallion – Thot Shit

As the resident twerk jam of this summer playlist, this upbeat jam is a reminder of how much we love a sexy empowered woman
Sexiest lyric: I walk around the house butt-naked / And I stop at every mirror just to stare at my own posterior

8. Roddy Ricch – Late At Night

This steamy jam slows it down inspiring you to take your time again and again
Sexiest lyric: Long as you come through / I’ma make you come over and over

9. Alkaline – Hostage

Seductive and straight to the point, this explicit homage to the female form reminds us of late summer nights at the nude side hot tub
Sexiest lyric: Love it grimy / Di jacuzzi deh warm, yuh fi join me

10. Doja Cat – Need To Know

At Hedo, we appreciate a woman that knows what she wants – this fun track is for you sexy ladies!
Sexiest lyric: Clink with the drink, gimme a sip Tell me what’s your kink, gimme the dick / Spank me, slap me, choke me, bite me (yeah, wait) Uh, wait, I can take it (ah)

11. Makeskin – Beggin

The 2nd appearance on this playlist, this hit by Maneskin is a feral rock n roll cover that will have you, that’s right, begging for more
Sexiest lyric: I’m beggin’, beggin’ you / So, put your loving hand out, baby

12. Imanbek, Sean Paul, Sofia Reyes – Dancing on Dangerous

Fun, sexy and of course, dance-worthy – this song is everything you expect from a Sean Paul track with the addition of sultry Sofia Reyes – this song takes us back to foam parties and bob marley shots
Sexiest lyric: Wan’ you wan’ me, me wan’ you too / Make me know how far you want fi go