Summer is here which means its time again for our Sexy Summer Playlist. In this third installment of Hedo’s Hits we’ve put together a dozen of the most popular summer 2019 songs, throwback jams and dancehall hits. From sex on the beach, to bouncing on his…lap, to seducing a stranger and bragging about your swallowing skills, if this summer is anything like these hits its going to be a naughty good time. Check out our previous Hedo Hits Playlists, Dirty Dozen and Sexy Summer 2018!

1. Ed Sheeran w/ Justin Bieber – I Don’t Care

This sweet summer pop song will have you feeling bubbly.
Sexiest lyric: Tryna talk, but we can’t hear ourselves/ Read your lips, I’d rather kiss ’em right back

2. Martin Garrix feat. Macklemore & Patrick Stump – Summer Days

A lusty ode to hot summer flings, this song reminds will remind you of all the sexy ladies wearing a sundress with nothing underneath at Hedo.
Sexiest lyric: She a drug got a fast release/ Got me sprung wrapped in sheets/ Wake up, fuck, and then we going back to sleep

3. Mabel – Don’t Call Me Up

Proving confidence is the sexiest, this summer hit is all about the ladies taking back control.
Sexiest lyric: When you’re looking at my photos/ Getting hot, losing control

4. Shenseea feat. Tyga – Blessed

Jamaican songstress Shenseea manages to bring the sexy and remind you to be thankful for your blessings all in one summer 2019 hit.
Sexiest lyric: I know you like it rough, I get reckless (uh)/ The way you lick it up, you gon’ make me fall in love

5. Bad Bunny feat. Drake – MIA

Drake. Reminding you how you said you were his while he was *ahem* “doing it” to you. In Spanish. We’ll give you a moment.
Sexiest lyric: Tú sabe’ que eres mía, mía/ Tú misma lo decías (tú misma lo decías)/ Cuando yo te lo hacía (cuando yo te lo hacía)

6. Kat Deluna – Last Night in Miami

Getting drunk and kissing girls under palm trees? Sounds good to us.
Sexiest lyric: I’m looking so sweet like candy/ Drinks we keep ’em handy

7. Blueface feat. Cardi B – Thotiana (remix)

You’ll never look at mimosas the same way again after listening to this raunchy summer banger.
Sexiest lyric: Uh, we ain’t finished, tell him beat it up

8. Benny Blanco, Tainy, Selena Gomez, and J Balvin – I Can’t Get Enough

We can’t get enough of this sexy Spanglish song about seduction and infatuation.
Sexiest lyric: I like that, you like that, so let’s be crazy/ The contact, impact, I want that daily

9. Beenie Man – Girls Dem Sugar

This throwback from dancehall legend Beenie Man is a classic sexy summer smash.
Sexiest lyric: Yuh coca-cola bottle shape and all yuh cherry lips/ An yuh alone mi waan fi/ Hug up love up and then me kiss

10. Sam Smith feat. Normani – Dancing with a Stranger

Want to dance with the sexy stranger across the piano bar at Hedo? This song is for you.
Sexiest lyric: Can you light the fire?/ I need somebody who can take control

11. Daddy Yankee & Katy Perry – Con Calma (Remix)

Get lost in translation with this sexy tune that will have your body language speaking for you.
Sexiest lyric: A little mezcal got me feelin’ naughty (Let’s go)/ I know that we don’t speak the same language (Woo)/ So I’m gonna let my body talk for me

12. Popcaan – Party Business

This reggae hit is a summer party anthem that will keep you dancing all night.
Sexiest lyric: Diamond inna me chain weh deh round me neck/ Right now me and me wife out fi lef