We’ve put together a list of love-making favorites from all-time classics to today’s top jams. So, dim the lights, turn the volume up and slip into something more comfortable with our list of songs to get in the mood and getting’ it on.

1. Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On

Straight and to the point, this sexy classic doesn’t mince words.
Sexiest Lyric: Let’s love baby/ Let’s get it on, sugar

2. NIN – Closer

Want to set the mood for kink? Put this on and let your freak flag fly.
Sexiest Lyric: I want to feel you from the inside

3. Ty Dolla $ign ft. The Weeknd, Wiz Khalifa, and DJ Mustard, – Or Nah (Remix)

This song might be called “or nah” but it will have you screaming “Oh yes”
Sexiest Lyric: All of The Weeknd’s Verse

4. Lana Del Rey – Video Games

Lana’s sultry, smoky voice over these romantic lyrics is just what you need to start raising the steam.
Sexiest Lyric: Heaven is a place on earth with you / Tell me all the things you want to do

5. The Velvet Underground – Venus in Furs

If thoughts of whips, handcuffs, bondage and submission get you going, this Lou Reed classic will turn your bedroom into a pleasure dungeon.
Sexiest Lyric: Taste the whip, in love not given lightly

6. D’Angelo – Untitled (How Does It Feel)

Intense and lush, this song is notorious for setting the mood to sexy.
Sexiest Lyric: Won’t you come closer to me baby / You’ve already got me right where you want me

7. She Wants Revenge – Tear You Apart

Lust levels reach a dangerous high with this sexy song about succumbing to strong physical attraction for the object of your desire.
Sexiest Lyric: I want to hold you close / Soft breath, beating heart

8. The Weeknd – Earned It

Slow things down before you speed them up with this single from The Weeknd, earning the singer his second mention on this list!
Sexiest Lyric: And you deserve it (And you deserve it) / The way you work it (The way you work it) / Cause girl, you earned it, yeah (Earned it)

9. Rihanna – Sex With Me

Pretty much anything that comes out of Rihanna’s mouth is sexy but the songstress proves confidence is the sexiest thing you can have with this single.
Sexiest Lyric: Hit it like you own it, I’mma hit it like I’m on it

10. Prince – Insatiable

Could there be a sexy song list without the king of hump, Prince? We don’t think so.
Sexiest Lyrics: Cause when it comes to you, i know / I’m insatiable and I just can’t stop / Even if I wasn’t thirsty / I would drink every drop

11. Jace Everett – Bad Things

Pick a safe word and get ready to get naughty when this song starts playing.
Sexiest Lyric: I don’t know what you’ve done to me / But I know this much is true / I wanna do bad things with you

12. Trey Songz – Neighbors Know My Name

Play this ode to pissing off your neighbors loud enough and it might just muffle your moaning…maybe.
Sexiest Lyric: Take this pillow right here, grab this / And I know you’re so excited, if you bite it they won’t hear