Since the late 70’s, Hedonism II has been earning its reputation for being the premier adult playground for decadence and debauchery nestled alongside Negril, Jamaica’s famous 7 mile beach. From its days on Playboy TV to being featured on HBO’s Real Sex, Hedo has seen Hollywood namedrop and highlight the resort for decades. But sometimes, Hedo can appear where you least expect it…like when it was featured as an answer on Jeopardy!

In case you missed them, here’s 5 recent times Hedonism II has made its way into the mainstream:

1. What is Hedonism, Alex?

During a recent episode of Jeopardy, audiences in-the-know were tickled with delight when Hedonism was the answer for $800. We’re proud of contestant Andrew who got the answer correct!

2. Let’s Get Weird!

In season 2 episode 10 of Workaholics, stoner trio Blake, Adam and Anders are stoked for their Thanksgiving trip to Hedonism II when a mere 6 hours before their flight come to realize that Blake doesn’t have a passport.

3. Rippin’ & Tearin’

Less of a name-drop and more of a subtle reference, this episode of American Dad parodies the infamous Hedo Rick video that made internet rounds years ago.

4. Like Club Med, but Everything is Naked

Kevin from the beloved show The Office clearly knows what’s up when he suggests to his coworker Jim that he should go to Hedonism. Click through to minute 3:40 in the video for the exact moment!

5. Definitely Not Fake News

Accompany in-the-buff Naked News reporter Melissa Childs as she visits Hedonism II and asks hard-hitting questions like ‘Where can you find the elusive unicorns?’ This is the kind of news we can get behind!

Have you seen Hedo II out in the wild? Let us know!