From its early days as “Negril Beach Village” to the rise and end of the pool slide, Hedonism II along with its incredible community has seen its fair share of history. Some, the stuff of legend, other rumors that are most likely true, Hedonism II’s reputation often proceeds itself. But whether if you’re a Hedo Virgin or a Repeat Offender, there is always something exciting and fun to learn about the world’s most infamous adult playground.


Hedo History: Fact of the Month

Did you know the mermaids in Hedonism II’s logo are named Sirene and Sirena? Hedo’s ubiquitous mermaid silhouettes adorn hats, thongs, tshirts, tumblers and have even been tattooed time and time again! After a re-branding in the summer of 2016, Hedonism II invited guests to submit their ideas for the sexy mermaids’ names with whichever received the most likes would win. From over 30 entries, Sirene and Sirena won and that’s how the girls got their names!