Properly navigating the jargon and terms that exist within the adult community can bring you one step closer to meeting like-minded people and even getting laid! So, if you’re a full swap CPL looking for a BBW Unicorn, study up by reading our dick-tionary and you’ll be good to go! Don’t forget to check out Hedo’s Dick-tionary Volume 1, too!


A rigger is a person who applies functional and artistic rope bondage to another person’s body.
“I’m excited to learn about rope bondage from a rigger during Hedo II Presents Whipping Up Your Kink.”


An x-frame, also known as St. Andrew’s Cross is a piece of equipment often found in BDSM dungeons. Its is a vertical cross used to keep a person bound by their ankles and wrists.
“The exhibitionist in my gets so turned on when I’m naked on the x-frame in the Romping Shop.”

Soft Swap:

This is one of those highly debated terms that is often best to confirm you’re on the same page as your partner regarding its definition. But often, a “soft swap” couple is a couple that plays with other couples without intercourse.
“Before taking our trip to Hedo, my wife and I agreed to soft swap if we found a couple we hit it off with.”

Full Swap:

As you can probably guess, a full swap couple generally fully swaps partners, including intercourse. Some Full Swap couples are interested in playing in the same room, and some are interested in separate rooms.
“We highly encourage couples to decide if they’re ok with going full swap before playing.”


The term “hotwife” refers to a married woman who has sexual relations with different men, with the approval and often encouragement of her husband who may or may not also be interested in watching or even participating.
“Last time we went to Hedo I got to enjoy watching my hotwife do her thing at the nude hot tub and it was a night we’ll never forget!”


A bull is a sexually dominant male, ideally well-hung, who has sex with a married woman, often while the husband is watching or also participating.
“Watching my wife enjoy herself for hours with that bull was the highlight of our vacation!”

Ellis (LS):

Ellis is a way of saying LS with is an acronym for Lifestyle. This term is often used as a discreet way to identify other people that also participate in the lifestyle.
“Are you a friend of Ellis?”


A swingle is a single person that will pair up with a friend or fuckbuddy of the opposite sex with the purpose of attending swinger events.
“As a single female I love that at Hedo I have the choice to travel solo or be a swingle and bring a friend if I want to.”