We’ve talked about the kinky benefits of hotwifing and how Hedo is hotwife heaven, IYKYK. But for the first time ever, we’re getting the tea straight from a couple of our very own Repeat Offenders. From deciding to spit or swallow to dealing with jealousy, how to meet partners and of course, hotwifing at Hedo, *Kris and *Caralyn reveal it all.

While I’m waiting for them to join the Zoom call, I review my notes on what I know so far…

Kris and Caralyn have been married for 14 years, in the lifestyle for 8 and just booked their 10th trip to Hedo.

They ding into the call and my screen is suddenly filled with two of the warmest smiles I’ve ever seen. She is wearing a dark green tank top exposing her shoulders and neckline and my eye is drawn right above her cleavage to a sleek rose gold necklace that I realize I’ve seen before. Ha! It’s a discreet vibrator! He could best be described having the perfect salt to pepper ratio and charming affectation of someone who seems perfectly disheveled. We get right into it.

In your first DM, you mentioned that feeling like you’re watching porn in real-life starring someone you love is a big turn on. What else turns you on? What drew you in first?
Caralyn: I get to explore my sexuality with the love of my life and partner, and my confidence is higher than ever.

Kris: and orgasms
C: Yes, and orgasms
K: I love watching her feel pleasure and also love taking her right after a session, that’s a major turn on.

What about jealousy? Is that an issue?
K: We’ve built a lot of trust over the years and have clearly defined rules in place that we both agree on – like we always talk about it before anything happens.
C: We are completely honest with each other and tell each other everything.
K: Exactly, that’s part of the fun. I like hearing about everything that happened.

So, you’re not always there in the room?
K: Sometimes I am. Sometimes I like to listen in on the phone – but the idea of another man enjoying her gorgeous body, then coming home to me, happy and lustful, is the best feeling in the world.

What do you enjoy hearing about?
C: He likes to know if I spit or swallow!
K: *chuckles loudly* I like all the details really.

Is it hard to balance being in the lifestyle and finding partners while navigating in a vanilla world?
K: Hard finding partners? Look at her, she’s a total babe!
C: We do like to keep a level of privacy. Occasionally we have luck on dating apps.

Carolyn’s rosy cheeks blush as she giggles and Kris looks at her lovingly and enthralled. They are charming and their energy is fun and palpable even through a screen.

C: That’s why we love coming home [to Hedo]! Reuniting with friends and meeting new people…the women rule and the staff goes out of their way to make sure you’re happy.

What advice would you give to a Hedo newbie before they arrived?
K: Be yourself, be open-minded and have fun.
C: If it’s a couple, I would tell them to communicate everything they want, any limits, safe words and secret signals are a good idea. Oh and to check out what the theme nights will be and what groups are there when they are there!
K: and stay hydrated!

*Names have been changed to protect guest privacy.