There’s a reason our guests call Hedo home and a reason we call our guests family. Join us as we highlight our amazing guests and their stories!

Love In, Trash Out

“During one of our walks down Seven Mile Beach, we noticed a couple walking back toward the resort carrying large garbage bags filled with trash, presumably collected from the beach. It dawned on us that we have walked the beach many times, commented on the trash, yet had never done anything about it. That couple was an inspiration to us. We began picking up plastic bottles, caps, etc, and quickly found our hands full.

We then came upon a mostly degraded plastic bag half-buried in the sand and proceeded to fill it on our walk back, vowing to return the next day with trash bags from the resort. As we filled those (disturbingly quickly), we noticed a consistent and very different reaction from the locals. They switched from asking us if we wanted to buy weed or trinkets, or have our hair (not mine) braided, to thanking us for cleaning up their country. We replied that most of what we were picking came from the guests of the resorts (obvious from the labels on the bottles).

A few days later, as we walked the same route, we noticed plastic trash bags tied at intervals along the chain link fences in several areas, and largely filled with garbage. All credit is due to that couple who walked past us with full bags of beach litter at the beginning of our stay. It is amazing the positive and widespread effect that couple had on so many-both locals and visitors-along that stretch of sand, and we were so happy to have been a part of that!” – Eric & Julianne