Spring is the season for you to bloom! Time to shed all those stifling winter layers and head on down to the Hedo where you can work on that base tan, sans the tan lines. In the meantime, why not start your Spring sexual awakening with a few sexy selfies? Slide into your crush’s DMs or surprise your SO with a naughty midday text. Whether you’re in a committed relationship or you just want to set some thirst traps for that hottie you’ve been flirting with, these three poses will get hearts pumping, juices flowing and the birds & bees buzzing…

1. The Hot Angle

Open your camera to selfie mode and set the self timer. For this one, you’re going to want to find a low spot on the floor to prop your phone up. It should be slightly tilted up, which will elongate your legs and accentuate that booty. For the most jaw dropping results, this pose is best done nude. But of course if you’re not comfortable sending nudes you can always throw on a sexy panty set. Set your timer to 10 seconds and face your body toward the wall with your hands above your hand against the wall. Kind of like you’re getting arrested by a super hot cop. Slowly slide your hands down the wall as you arch your back and pop your booty. By the time the camera snaps your body will be perfectly posed and ready to set the receivers DM’s in flames.

2. The Tease

Again-set your phone to selfie and self timer mode. This one works best in some lingerie or a sexy panty set. Find a chair or couch to sit on, spread your legs with your toes pointed into the floor like a ballerina. Cross your hands in front of your body, like you’re being a tease and covering the coveted money shot. Arch your back, tilt your head and turn your face to the side (don’t overthink it!) You can get really playful with this one. Run your fingers through your hair, shake it back and forth, run your hand all over your body. Feel yourself!

3. The Booty Pop

This one is a bit more of a traditional selfie. Find a comfy spot and lay belly down (make sure you’re nude or have a thong on). Get ready for a regular selfie but pop your booty in the air (this won’t be comfortable but it’s worth it!) Hold the phone slightly higher than you usually would so you get a peek-a-booty effect with your face in the forefront. For added spice, bite your bottom lip or trace your lips with a single finger.