sexy hedonism

Whether it’s Jamaica’s “Get All Right” attitude, Hedo’s welcome home feeling or the sun-drenched promise of a beachside paradise, feeling relaxed at Hedonism II is pretty much inevitable. But, between so much naughty fun like themed nights, daily beach games, late night SOP parties and exciting water adventures, it’s easy to forget to take some time for a little R&R. Whether you indulge your inner hedonist with top-shelf drinks and gourmet food or by fulfilling your freaky fantasies at the Romping Shop, here are 3 ways you can slow it down and find your Zen at Hedo.


hedonism II spa
Find serenity at the Hedo Spa where you can get pampered with full body massages, hot stone therapy, facials, body wraps and more. Whether you want to release tension with a Deep Tissue massage, soothe away yesterday’s Mai Tai bender with an Herbal Awakening Body Scrub or get limber for the night to come with a Swedish Massage, our highly trained massage therapists will help you choose your ideal spa treatment.


hedo sex
At Hedo, it’s hard to choose what is best between sunrise and sunset, but one thing that is certain is that the best dusk and dawn views can be soaked in while riding one of Hedo’s infamous ocean-shore rafts. Whether you start the day with a floating yoga flow or choose to welcome the night with a floating fuck fest, you will enjoy breathtaking views and warm waters day and night. Let the motion of the ocean relax you, but remember, if the raft is a rockin’…


hedo swingers
Take in the sweet ocean breeze and sip a piña colada while gently swaying in one of Hedo’s many hideaway hammocks. These secluded nooks are the perfect place to unwind and recharge with an afternoon nap. Slip off for a private moment and enjoy the shade with a good book, or bring your partner along for a Caribbean cuddle session.