Hello, hedonists! When you think of Hedonism II, you might imagine sunlit shores, delicious drinks, and an ambiance oozing with adult-only mischief. But what if we told you there’s a philanthropic beat to our sultry rhythm? We’re mixing pleasure with purpose, and here’s two tantalizing ways you can join the dance.

Painting a Sexy Picture: The Art of Giving

Enter Inara Blackwood, a sensationally talented student artist who’s embraced Hedonism’s spirit to the canvas. Since October 2022, Inara’s been gracing us with her beautiful and sexy artwork. Drawing inspiration from the allure of the female form, her paintings don’t just captivate; they contribute. During Hedonism’s Repeaters Cocktail Party, you will enjoy a provocative art auction – a rendezvous where Inara’s breathtaking nudes are up for grabs. Each bid doesn’t just get you a masterpiece for your abode but plants a seed for Negril’s blossoming youth through the Hedonism II Foundation.

Bricking It the Hedo Way: Leave Your Mark, Literally!

If wall art isn’t your thing, how about stepping into a more concrete contribution? The Hedo Brick – a charming way to embed your memories at Hedonism II while empowering the future. Walk the path of generosity at our courtyard en route to the Piano Bar and see the legacy left behind by guests like you.

Size Does Matter: Choose Your Brick, Choose Your Impact

From modest 4 x 6 bricks to the grand 12 × 12, there’s space for every donor. And procuring one is as simple as a whisper to our front desk, concierge, or a pop into the gift shop. For those digitally inclined or planning their next trip, just drop an email to [email protected].

Be a Part of the Hedonism II Legacy

While the sun sets beautifully at Hedonism II, we aim for a brighter dawn for Negril’s local youth. The Hedonism II Foundation envisions an empowered generation with access to quality education and essential tools. Your contribution, whether through the sensuous strokes of art or the solidity of a brick, paves the way for their success.

In the heart of passion, pleasure, and play, lies the core of giving. Whether you’re gifting yourself Inara’s evocative artwork or engraving a moment on our walkway, you’re ensuring that the Hedonism spirit lives on, not just in memories, but in actions that shape lives.

So, next time you’re sipping a cocktail at the nude pool or dancing away at our parties, take a moment to reflect on how you can add a touch of philanthropy to your hedonistic adventure. After all, nothing’s sexier than a heart that gives.