Are there secret symbols swingers use identify each other in public? It depends on who you ask. While some self-identified “lifestylers” will deny any real existence of these signs, chocking it up to urban legend; others insist that they are not only real, but effective. We asked several swinging couples to share the inside scoop. Join us as we discover five clandestine ways swingers are finding ways to connect.

1. Passin’ the Vibe Check

Easy to dress up or down and wear wherever you go, this powerful little vibrator called Vesper by Crave, elegantly doubles as a chic necklace. Although he website doesn’t mention anything about it symbolizing a swinger identifier, many couples have heard about its adopted meaning in some circles.

2. If You Like Pina Colada

From pineapple garden décor and doorknockers to upside down pineapples in your grocery shopping cart, this tasty tropical fruit is said to be a juicy way your neighbors may be sending a subtle hello to fellow swingers.

“My husband and I always put an upside-down pineapple in our shopping cart when we go shopping. We haven’t met other couples yet but one time we did get a very telling wink and smile!” – Jen, Atlanta

3. Repping Home

If you see someone rocking sexy Hedo gear or tattoos it does not automatically mean they are swingers. It is however a sign that they are probably pretty awesome! Check out our sexy specials page and book your next trip so you can stock up on swag to wear.

4. Welcome to the Inner Circle

Most people wearing black jewelry rings are probably just accessorizing. But for a lot of swingers, a black ring can help be the start of a conversation about alternative lifestyles.

5. Strong Emoji Game

Finder yourself swiping on dating apps wondering what certain emojis mean? Stay on the lookout for pineapples and unicorns and you my find swinging couples or unicorns seeking couples for play.