If there’s one thing we know about adult vacations, it’s that they’re better with booze! Hedonism II is known for its parties, and the ladies are just one ingredient that makes them wild. We serve up some of the best traditional Jamaican cocktails here at our adult resort, and thought we’d share some of our favorite here with you today!

Jamaican Rum Punch
This tasty staple is made with rum, lime juice, orange juice and pineapple juice. You can use dark rum, light rum, overproof rum or a combination. Try adding some grenadine for added fruitiness.

Jamaican Kiss
The Jamaican Kiss is a creamy cocktail similar to a white Russian. The difference is that the Jamaican Kiss uses rum rather than vodka. To make this delicious cocktail, simply mix one part rum, one part coffee liqueur and one part milk or cream.

Jamaican Breeze
The Jamaican Breeze is a refreshing drink that’s perfect on a hot day. Simply mix rum and pineapple juice, then add a little simple syrup, a dash of bitters, and a slice of fresh ginger. If you don’t have any fresh ginger on hand, add a splash of ginger ale or ginger beer.

These are just three of the countless cocktails our bartenders whip up every day at Hedonism II. And the drinks are just part of what make our adult vacations so special. Come on down to Jamaica and try them for yourself!