Do you hear what I hear?

I am sitting here this morning thinking about one of my favorite sounds at Hedonism II. It’s a sound that most of us rarely hear in the real world. I like to walk onto the beach and lie down on a chaise with a vodka slushie in my hand.  I close my eyes and tip my hat just so it covers my eyes to shield the bright Jamaican sun. I listen. Have you ever done that?  Just listen.  What do you hear? I am a retired teacher. The closest I can come to explaining the sound to you would be the sound of kids at recess, except that these are adults.  I hear playful laughter.  I hear laughter, not giggling or chuckling, but deep belly laughter.  Everyone is laughing. Everyone is happy.  I love to lie there and let their happiness wash over me like a soothing balm. I know that in the real world we don’t get the chance to laugh like that very often, never mind all day, every day at Hedonism II.  Is this part of the magic?  I think so.

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