The water is warm, the sun is shining and the heat has us stripping down! Sure, every season is hot at Hedo, but we invite you to celebrate a summer of sex with five steamy holidays that will make your summer even hotter!

US National Sex Day – June 9

Sex Day on June 9 is about celebrating the joys of having, yep, you guessed it…SEX. Engaging in pleasurable activities, and exploring each other’s bodies. It’s the perfect day to try something new! Perhaps a new place? New toy? And if its extra hot, why not try introducing cool sensations like ice? Or keep it simple and make it all about the sensual pleasures of exploring each others bodies.

World Kamasutra Day – June 21

Celebrate this 2000 year old ancient Sanskrit text that had been inspiring erotic thoughts and the exploration of new sexual positions meant to increase intimacy and pleasure. Its the perfect day to try new positions together! Shout out to the bridge, the eagle and the accordion!

Nude Day – July 14th

Nude Day is a holiday that’s observed and celebrated all over the world! Join in on the fun by enjoying your nakedness. Whether your at home or at Hedo, strip down and get rid of those tan lines!

International BDSM Day – July 24

Whip your summer into sexy, kinky shape by celebrating BDSM day. Whether you’re a seasoned Dom, sub or the world of BDSM intrigues you, we invite you to dip your toes into the word of pleasurable pain and power dynamics by celebrating this day!

National Orgasm Day – July 31

You might be thinking every day should be orgasm day! And you’re right! Which is why we believe you should clear your schedule on this day to celebrate reaching sexual climax together. Break your record! Read 5 Things Every Many Should Know About the Female Orgasm, learn about our partner, squirting, pretty much anything that helps you reach your O! Are you coming?