Thanksgiving is around the corner and during this season we often take time to consider the many things we are grateful for (like rum, good sex and vacations at all-inclusive adult resorts). Showing gratitude for your partner can get lost in the hustle and bustle of every daily life, however, having an attitude of gratitude and expressing your appreciation to your partner can have many great benefits like increased intimacy and improved marital satisfaction.


1. Rubs & Happy Endings

Show your partner some TLC with an erotic massage that’ll make them moan. A loving, sensual touch releases chemicals into the brain like Oxytocin which help reduce stress and improve mood. During your next Hedo trip, stop by the Spa for a sensual couples massage.


2. Make Them a Hedo-Inspired Meal

Princess Jasmine costume

Bring the aphrodisiac flavors of Hedonism II home with fan favorites like our classic Jerk Marinade or Citrus Poached Salmon Filet. Cooking a romantic dinner for two can be an incredibly fun and enjoyable way to show your partner you appreciate them. Top off the night with our recipe for Mai Tai’s and Chocolate Mousse for dessert.


3. Write Them a Love Letter

From writing a list of reasons you love them to recounting a special memory, putting pen to paper to express your appreciation and devotion can make your partner feel cherished. Not only does writing a love letter have a calming effect on the writer, it’s a gift your partner can enjoy time and time again.


4. Run a HOT Bubble Bath

Captain Marvel costume

A spa-like bubble bath experience in the comfort of your own home is a great way to enjoy time together and show your gratitude. Shake off stress and indulge your partner with luxurious bubbles in soothing scents like lavender rose water. Light a few candles and pop a bottle of champagne for a sensual bath you can enjoy together.


5. Book a Trip to Hedonism II!

What better way to celebrate Sexgiving than by planning a trip together to Hedo? With Sexy Specials all year long when you book exclusively with us online, it’s easier than ever to surprise your sexy special someone with a trip home to Hedo.

Gratitude helps you feel positive, appreciate good experiences, improve your health and improve the quality of your relationship. From small gestures to big gifts, there are many ways to express gratitude and however you choose to celebrate Sexgiving we thank you for being part of what makes Hedonism II so great!