For over 30 years, Hedo has been spicing up vacations for people around the world as the leading adults-only playground located in beautiful Negril. With a reputation of shattering inhibitions and enabling fantasies to come true, it’s no wonder Hedo has also inspired its fair share of rumors, legends and myths. And while we’d like to think that most of what you’ve heard is true (hello, hot tub!) there are a few myths and misconceptions that we are going to bust once and for all!

1. You Have to Be A Nudist/Swinger to Go and Have Fun

False! Hedonism II is a clothing-optional resort and we welcome everyone who is in pursuit of pleasure, however defined. Hedonism II is for everyone including couples and singles, lifestylers and more. From our dining and top-shelf drink selections to our world-class entertainment and special events calendar, we put a lot of thought and effort into making sure you have the best time during your stay.

2. Only Older People Go to Hedo

Wrong! We welcome guests aged 18 and older and on average the age range is typically 35-65. Depending on the time of year, the resort could have anywhere from 200 to over 500 guests and with groups like Young Swingers Week it easier than ever to find and travel with people in your age group.

3. It’s One Big Public F*Ck Fest

Sorry, but nope! For starters, clothing is required in most main areas like the dining areas and although you may catch a little action out of the corner of your eye, its pretty much up to you how much you witness and partake in. There are a few designated areas for sexy fun. The Romping Shop is our playroom which opens from 10:30pm – 3am nightly and is used by our guests desiring to be in an open format for sexy playtime either to interact with other people or just if they enjoyed being watched while having some naughty fun. The room is equipped with a shower, 2 oversized beds and some fun bondage props. The playroom is open to couples, single females and invited single male guests.

4. Some Stud Will Steal Your Wife

Well…this we can’t predict or control. The resort is typically 80% couples and 20% singles depending on the time of year but we do have weeks geared to singles and while we promote freedom and everyone to have a good time whether you make a connection with someone will completely depend on the chemistry between you and the people you meet there. We take pride in fostering a safe and respectful environment that is judgement free. Comfort, consent and respect is a priority and as long as you are friendly and respectful to all the other guests it is highly likely you should be able to make a connection.

5. Only “Model-Types” Go to Hedo

Wrong again! We welcome and encourage people of ALL body types/nationalities & backgrounds to come to our resort. Neither the staff at the hotel nor our other guests focus on what people look like. Your personality, open-mindedness and desire to have fun and make new friends is what matters most. There is always a very versatile mix of people at any given time at the resort so no one ever needs to feel uncomfortable, the best thing about Hedo is everyone is so super nice and super friendly and judgment free, they really are just there to enjoy the beauty, meet great new friends and the enjoy the freedom to let their hair down as they pursue pleasure in whatever way they desire.