Maybe it’s the exotic location or disconnecting from work and the responsibilities of home, but, many of us agree that there is something particularly steamy about vacation sex. If you’ve been to Hedonism II before, you know exactly what we’re talking about (still a Hedo Virgin? What are ya waiting for? Check out our sexy specials!). The anticipation in arriving, the Caribbean sun sweetly kissing your bare skin, the promise of good times on the horizon – there simply seems to be something in the air at Hedonism II that gets the libido going.

Unfortunately, most of us can’t stay on vacation all year long but that doesn’t mean you can’t have hot Hedo getaway sex at home. Entice the senses and recapture that vacation sex spark with these seductive tips.

Tantalize with Tastes

Many foods are known to be aphrodisiacs for their ability to stimulate arousal and the talented culinary team at Hedonism II take this into consideration to ensure every meal is memorable. Replicate this feeling at home with some pre-foreplay food like chocolate covered strawberries, a regular at our dining buffet. Want to kick it up a notch and dine like you’re at Hedo? Visit the Chef’s Corner of our blog for tasty recipes like Caribbean crab cakes, Jamaican Jerk and more, straight from our world-famous chef, Anthony Miller.
You might not have a swim up bar with Red Stripe on tap at home but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little liquid lubrication to the menu! Don’t forget to stop by the duty-free shops at the airport on the way home for some Appleton Rum, a sure-fire way to bring the taste of Jamaica back home.

Turn it Off to Get Turned On

One of the novel things about going on a vacation is that we often take a break from technology. Disconnecting from our work emails and Facebook feeds can actually make us feel more connected to our lovers. A relaxed and intimate mood will make you feel like you’re back on island time. So, make your stay-cation tech-free by turning off phones, laptops, ipads and tv’s.

Mmm Memories

If just the mere thought of your next trip to Hedonism II gets you excited, then it’s about time you join Club Hedo. Reap the rewards of our loyalty program every time you book direct with us. There are 5 different levels in Club Hedo, each based on the number of your stays. Innocent, Repeat Offender, Adventurer, Pleasure Pursuer and Hedonist.
Next time you’re trying to set the mood, join Club Hedo together and review your Hedo romping reel. Thinking about your hot vacation sex while you plan your next trip together is a great way to raise the lust levels. Between wearing the sexy swag you can get as a Club Hedo member, the access to exclusive members-only content and specials or just the reminder of your next trip, joining Club Hedo will certainly have aphrodisiac effects.